Objectives: Purposes and inspiration behind these intelligence services

The intelligence publications and the ‘politically incorrect’ books published by World Reports Limited, Global Analysis Limited and Edward Harle Limited have been developed over a period of 37+ years, starting in 1970, when International Currency Review was acquired by World Reports Limited. Over the years, World Reports Limited has specialised in merging currency, financial and economic research with geopolitical, current affairs and intelligence analysis – producing a unique blend of intelligence services for the international financial community. Since the beginning of the 1980s, these intelligence services have been augmented by new regional and political services and by the several geopolitical intelligence publications listed on the World Reports Limited website.

In 1995, with the publication of The Perestroika Deception by the famous, and genuine, Soviet defector, Anatoliy Golitsyn, which Christopher Story edited, Mr Story inaugurated Edward Harle Limited, to publish ‘politically incorrect’ (i.e., correct) classic intelligence books. The titles published to date are listed on the Edward Harle Limited sub-website catalogue. The title of this book publishing company is named after Christopher Edward Harle Story, using his two middle names. The firms’s stork symbol is the family crest of the Story family, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, which traces its ancestry to the ninth century Vikings.

Global Analysis Limited serves key functions. First, it publishes Global Analyst, a newsletter of 16 pages or more which specialises in exposing dimensions of the ongoing World Revolution which is engulfing humanity and destabilising the entire world. Secondly, Global Analysis Limited specialises in consultancy services built around the areas of Christopher Story’s competence, using his 35+ years as a geopolitical, financial and currency analyst. Christopher Story is available through Global Analysis Limited to provide occasional or regular consultations, or to organise, conduct and direct research projects connected with analysing the dialectic of the vast World Revolution – revealing how its multifaceted dimensions are now corrupting our societies in general, and businesses, corporations and institutions in particular. For more information, please go to the Global Analysis sub-website, then use the Contact Us facility there to e-mail us for further information. Christopher Story will respond in person.

Finally, the overall purpose of these intelligence publications, and of the sensitive ‘politically incorrect’ intelligence books and the consultancy service, is to investigate much more deeply than the increasingly controlled ‘mainstream’ media, with several honourable exceptions, are evidently free or willing to do – especially in connection with such grim contemporary developments as the widespread, creeping and de facto globalised criminalisation of governance and the intelligence services.

One word of warning: as a subscriber to any of these services or the buyer of one or more of the books advertised here, you must expect to experience dimensions of geopolitical affairs that you may not have suspected. In the improbable event that you or your organisation are content with the way the world is being driven, these intelligence services are not for you. But if you sense an urgent and overdue need for explanations about what is happening globally, and you suspect that your existing resources may not be providing you with the decisive insights that you and/or your organisation require in order to ‘think outside the box’, you should seriously consider subscribing to the advertised intelligence serial(s) that most closely match your requirements, and selecting books from the list on the Edward Harle Limited sub-website. In some contexts, it will make sense to request Christopher Story’s fee-based consultancy services via the Global Analysis Limited sub-website. Only serious observers of international financial issues, current events and global intelligence enigmas access these sites: you are already pre-qualified.